HAPA Preschool Programme – Featuring the HAPA Squad

The power of early years dance activity and the positive benefits on children and their families are being increasingly evidenced. The early years are some of the most important and creative years of a child’s life, with movement and dance fundamental in the development of children.

At HAPA we want to encourage cognitive development, social skills & physical movement. Dance enhances sensory awareness, boosting your child’s memory and ability to concentrate. Using our HAPA squad characters we can fulfil those needs while having fun in a safe & nurturing environment.

Parents are welcome to relax at our onsite café as your child becomes comfortable with their surroundings.

To book a place and/or a free trial please email info@helenarberperformingarts.com

Classes Held Weekly Mornings

£5.00 per class (prices inclusive of VAT) paid termly.

Family Fridays
From 6.00pm

HAPA Squad Appearances
Entertainment + Disco

8.45am – 9.30am

Pre-School Tap & Ballet
2 ½ – 4 years – Limited Spaces

Troy’s Jungle Beats – 2 ½ – 4 Years

This mini street class uses funky music to inspire your little person and encourages them to move freely. Learning core skills, rhythm & beats alongside our cool Troy Tiger.

Pre School Tap & Ballet – 2 ½ – 4 years

This is our only pre-school class running on a Saturday morning. Providing all the same aspects as Tap & Ballet with Belle Bunny, except without Belle Bunny! A fun, encouraging class promoting good posture and poise. Fun music, games & props leaving your little one wanting more.

Family Fridays – All Ages!

Not a class! But an evening of fun for the whole family. Entertainment including our HAPA Squad plus disco. Jump on the dance floor with all your favourite characters.

£20.00 for a table of six – all enquiries to info@thebillericaytheatre.co.uk.

My daughter has been dancing at HAPA since the day it opened. During this time she gained a passion for dance and grown in confidence. I attribute this progress to the excellent teaching by Miss Jayne and the HAPA team.

Karen Ring

What a fantastic show!!! From entrance to exit you all captivated us such a fun, Happy Christmas spirit with great music and fantastic cast. So glad we came!!! Fantastic work and set. Thank you for having us.

Anna Smith

Thank you for being such an amazing team! Our girls love attending HAPA and it’s been great to have such good virtual content for such practical subjects. It’ll be amazing when we can return to in person lessons and watch shows at the theatre but in the meantime, you guys are doing a fab job!

Nadia Osborne